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More videos of the Jamie O'Donnell Quartet

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Hi, I had a gig at a very dark club the other night. It's my 10 year old quartet with the great guitarist Mike Outram. (Apparently there's a pdf going around the web of all Mike's solos from the last set of videos)

I tried filming it but it was very dark. I was checking out a new mouthpiece too-a Meyer 6 (There goes the comfort zone).
Here's the link for 'Star Eyes'

Jamie O'D
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Superb stuff all round. Challenging, interesting, and melodic..... all the things jazz should be..

As a half ok guitarist myself, it is good to see the alto and guitar together, a fairly rare combination that works well.

Thanks for posting this, it is a shame I could not get down there myself.

Oh, and BTW it wasn't cherokee you suggested I played through all 12 keys, it was Donna Lee and Ornithology.... thank God for that, you could have chosen something hard......

I can play Donna Lee in all twelve keys now, unfortunately all in the same rendition.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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