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More videos of the Jamie O'Donnell Quartet

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Hi, I had a gig at a very dark club the other night. It's my 10 year old quartet with the great guitarist Mike Outram. (Apparently there's a pdf going around the web of all Mike's solos from the last set of videos)

I tried filming it but it was very dark. I was checking out a new mouthpiece too-a Meyer 6 (There goes the comfort zone).
Here's the link for 'Star Eyes'

Jamie O'D
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Here's one more-an original tune. All you can see of the Mike is his left hand but the sound is ok.

Cheers Andrew, I like Miguel Zenon but haven't listened to that much (but I did play with Patrick Cornelius last December here in London-a beautiful player).

I love Phil Woods & Dick Oatts and all the usual suspects. I find Dick Oatts to be really underrated. His stuff with Red Rodney is perfect modern bop playing to me. I've never seen why he isn't absolutely hailed as a player. I always felt that Chris Potter essentially copied Dick Oatts when he took over in Red's band

I know you were taught my Marty Nau, I know him and he's a great player too.

Dig your smooth Jazz video too man.

Jamie O'D:)
Thanks a lot for your comments Matthew-haven't got as many videos as you up yet.
I've cut back that last video-going to try and edit the brightness etc.

Jamie O'D
Hi, Dick plays great on all the Red Rodney albums. 'One for Bird' is really full on as it's a live gig featuring Bird tunes. That's the one I liked transcribing. The other two I like are 'No turn on Red' and 'Red Snapper' (Dick starts 'No Turn' with a lovely alto break).

The albums with Garry Dial are worth listening to-maybe they're a bit overwritten (with strings/brass etc) but I'm kind of fond of them as I've had them for years. Dick plays gorgeously on 'Everything I Love' from the 'Tribute to Cole Porter' album.

Have you checked out 'The Lost Art' album with Mel Lewis? That's a great one for modern tunes by Dick and Jim McNeely etc (Gary Smulyan and McNeely burn on it).

Of Dick's own albums, I like 'Simone's Dance' the most, followed by the 'Standard issue' Vol 1 & 2. (Those have the heaviest modern alto playing I can think of though). 'Simone's Dance' has a great, warm feeling about it and his tunes are sweet.

Andy Fusco is a great player, I have him on some Danny D'Imperio Sextet albums. I must get more by him-good time, good lines, nice tone, imaginative-can't knock it.
Best, Jamie
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1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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