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more suitable pads?

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I am going trough the process of choosing pads for my Chu and I'd kinda like to install roopads, but I was wondering if Conn res-o-pads would be a more suitable choice, or are roos and resopads both equally suitable for a Conn Chu?

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I've roopads on an SML tenor with toneholes rolled in a manner identical to Conns with good results in terms of sealing and not sticking. I've roopads on a 28m (alto) which doesn't have rolled toneholes and they worked out very well. My only concerm, were I you, would be that you'll have to fit them just so since the resopads are a bit wider than other pads in relation to the cup they're fit in and offer firm pad right up to the edge. You'd have to have the cups perfectly centered on the tone holes. You'd probably want this in any case. There might be some minor difficulties with pad thickness- I believe the roopads are slightly thicker than the resopads on the old Conns.
I second Mr C-J's advice. He explained the fitment issue perfectly. I note in a separate thread you're asking for cup sizes. If you're doing this yourself you'll really have to be patient and- if the pad isn't a perfect fit order another one in the correct size and suck up the down time. "Close enoughing" it will give you a substandard result. Unless you're incredibly lucky a pre sorted pad set will get you to 90% and close enough on the others for a semi-respectable job in normal instances- but given the issues noted earlier in resopad vice standard useable area you're going to have to aim at 100% for the old Conn.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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