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more suitable pads?

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I am going trough the process of choosing pads for my Chu and I'd kinda like to install roopads, but I was wondering if Conn res-o-pads would be a more suitable choice, or are roos and resopads both equally suitable for a Conn Chu?

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I like the Allied 208 pads.
They are a great replacement for the res-0 pads.
They are the same as the original, but don't have the ring around the outside of the pad.

Thanks, Paul
I like the white Music Medic roo pads personally. But I usually use the reso-pads for originality sake when my intent is to sell the horn
Why don't you want them in your horn that you play?
The reso-pads are good too, but they are a pain to install, and they don't have the benefits of the roo leather.
I agree they are a pain to get a seat.
They would be great if you dont want a seat in the pad.
It seems like the leather is pulled tight like a drum head.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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