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"Everyone loves to play the blues. In this lesson, I've taken an
in-depth approach to give you all some information, new ideas, ear
training, and fresh approaches to this form."


Now's the time
to think of a few special ways to do these.

Pick out a few licks that you like and that lay well for you that you can
hear. Now, think of how your favorite player such as Sonny Rollins might play
this lick articulation-wise or how Lester Young might play one of these licks
very legato and behind the beat, or from a rock frame of mind, how someone like
King Curtis or Edgar Winter might play these right on the beat with a very
spitty, tongued attack.

Get my drift? There are infinite ways to take all these licks and patterns
and make them your own and, as I always say, get an ACTIVE MENTAL IMAGE of the
sound you want this phrase to have and start to shape it. Also, another
technique is called IMAGINE THE SOUND.

Imagine how one of these dominant 7th blues licks might fit somewhere else.
Hear the sound in your head, then try to apply it. This can be a very
subliminal approach that will come out in your playing when you least expect
These are just a few little ideas that everybody can start to get a personal
technique on these blues licks with. Last but not least, try to play them by
ear in other keys. The possibilities are endless.

There are a few things lately I've been after
with these studys.
Just some thought food-they are:
- velocity = volume, pitch & energy
- be aware of articulation at different dynamic levels
-listening to your sound, not just imagining
-playing from the inside out-ala a Bergonzi
-internalizing your pulse
-building off the quarter note al a Stanley T.
-building up momentum to get tension
- dynamics & evenness
- consistency of sound= feel !!
- tension & release
- keeping in the style
-keeping a flow
- starting and finishing a phrase
- keeping the backbeat in focus
- using repetition
- breaking up the time

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