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GAS_Wyo said:
I agree...that's the most beautiful bari sax I've ever laid eyes on....I'm nearly speechless. Wow!

How are the SBA's for intonnation?
Yes, it's fabulous. Somebody out there will be one lucky player!

Well, if I had an SBA, I'd tell you ;) ...I would assume they're pretty darn good though. Heck, if the Cigar Cutter I'm testing is this good...well, think of an SBA!!! :shock:

Hehe, I noticed, ChuBerry47, that you're playing a New Wonder Series I. I'm looking at one myself, for about $600. What's your opinion on it? Intonation? Keywork? Sound? Response? I'm so very tempted, but they're hard to find information about. :?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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