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Hey all!

Just wanted to share a few videos of my bands show this past weekend. We're Mojo Green and we had 2 guest artists from the headlining band as well as a guest singer. Ann from SambaDa plays the sax, and Gary is their percussionist. Ill post a video of the SambaDa portion too.

We were super loose during our set, but we had a lot of fun. We've played several shows with SambaDa now and everytime we do its just so much fun. Great energy, great musicians, and really cool people. Hope you enjoy. In our set, we play mostly originals. I think we only played 1 or 2 covers. We only have like 3 covers in our repetoire, and Jan Jan is one of them.

Anywho. Here are the vids. :)

Part 1:

Part 2:

SambaDa Part 2: (I cant find their first set where my horn section sat in with them)
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