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MOJO dealings

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I wrote to MOJO and offered to trade two mouthpieces I had for one he had that I wanted. He said he prefers not to trade as he is so busy with customer work that the pieces he trades for end up sitting around a while before he has a chance to get to them. But apparently he took pity on me and made an exception. He offered the one I wanted PLUS another. He didn't have to do that! Then, after he got my pieces, he sent me THREE and told me to pick two and send back the third. That, my friends, is what customer service is all about. Plus, the one I like best is not even the one I initially wanted. THANKS MOJO!!!!
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Basically, the three pieces I got, all hard rubber w/large chambers, confirmed what I suspected...I have probably never played on a piece that was really "right". One, an Anello, seems to have real potential and I'm going to use it on a wedding gig tomorrow to see what I think. The thing that is most different than my current Link is the way all the notes, top to bottom, have the same feel and resistance as each other. The downside is the sound may be a little "generic" but so far, everyone [ well, my wife and two other guys] says I sound the same as ever. If my sound hasn't changed, but the feel is so much better, then I may have a winner. I'll be curious if the guys in my regular band hear any difference. Either way, I hope to do more business with Keith in the future.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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