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MOJO dealings

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I wrote to MOJO and offered to trade two mouthpieces I had for one he had that I wanted. He said he prefers not to trade as he is so busy with customer work that the pieces he trades for end up sitting around a while before he has a chance to get to them. But apparently he took pity on me and made an exception. He offered the one I wanted PLUS another. He didn't have to do that! Then, after he got my pieces, he sent me THREE and told me to pick two and send back the third. That, my friends, is what customer service is all about. Plus, the one I like best is not even the one I initially wanted. THANKS MOJO!!!!
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I am having him work on my NY STM Link. Keith quoted me what I thought was a very fair price after he saw the piece, then reduced his quote by $20 later. What a guy!
A follow-up regarding the Link NY STM: Mojo did a great job...added a small baffle and otherwise worked his "mojo". I couldn't be more pleased with the piece's projection and ease of blowing.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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