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Again, I obviously am in the minority among saxophonists.
I tend to agree with you. :bluewink:
Don't forget that from the 1850s until 1936, every saxophone player on earth played a sax with the "old style" keywork. Virtuosi such as:

Sigurd Rascher
Jimmy Dorsey
Rudy Weidoeft
Bud Freeman
Dexter Gordon
Charlie Parker
Zoot Sims
Al Cohn
H. Benne Henton
Johnny Hodges
Harry Carney
Gerry Mulligan
Art Pepper
Chu Berry
Lester Young

and many many others had no problem at all coping with the ergonomics of these instruments.
Certainly they played on them....they had no choice before 1935.
But, as many on your list later played on the modern system, the modern system clearly was preferable to them.

Also, ask yourself the question "Why is the Selmer system now universally used"?
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