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I have three modern HR Links for alto and they all differ from each other. So, I have a:

- a #7*. Goes way down easily to my neck's cork. A big bite.
- a #6. Gets stuck half way (due to my Yani's neck ring), much more slimmer beak.
- a #5. Slim beak, the whole body is much more slimmer in shape (I have to use a different ligature than on the other two mentioned above).

The 7* and 6 were bought as new about one year ago from different shops. The 5 is a used one (bought from a member here). Could it be an Early Babbitt??

Is this normal or has Babbitt been experimenting something or the quality control is so poor that even the beak and bore sizes vary? Anyway, they all play very well.

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