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modern Dukoff Hollywood

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Are the Modern Silverite Dukoff Hollywoods any good or anything like any version of the original. Facing is not such an issue. I can straighten that. Im more concerned about tone when they do play well ?????

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I've wondered that, too.

Anyone have experience with the old ones and the modern ones?
i have never played the old but the new version i have is one of the best tenor sax mpcs i have ever played period! i would take this over a link any day. when i use this mpc -i never fail to get complements on my sound
I think they're quite good. Worth checking out if If you like a fat and even sound. They make you're palm keys HUGE.
All I know is the vintage BD ones are great mpcs. I prefer them over any Link I've tried, including vintage Tonemasters. I usually get compliments on my sound when I use it. However it has a pretty small tip so is more suited to quiet gigs. I'll let you know if I try a new one, but it is worth a shot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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