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Can we change the name to Solo and Duo acts?


The requirements are pretty much the same for both.

And I think there would be many more posts here if it included duos.


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I understand the impetus for your request.

But--and I'm not being frivolous here--why not Trios? And if we go there, what will the quartets think?

If we change the name, I think it would be best not to limit participation by going with a specific number, but come up with a word or phrase that captures the essence of what this is about.
Some phrases that came to mind (though I don't think any of these is a winner)

electronically assisted
technologically enhanced
no strings (O-o-ooh!)
smaller is better
virtual band
It Ain't Karaoke!!

I better stop before I get too far behind.

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Harmony Central does a single and duo act forum and that seems to work just fine there (I frequent that one a lot).

Trios usually have drummers, singles and duos usually do not (with exceptions).

Duos are often single entities (husband and wife, brother and sister) of course with exceptions there also.

I think by the time you get to the trio you jump over a bigger line than you do from solo to duo.

And I think you would get a lot more participation if it was changed to single and duo acts.

But of course, that is just my opinion.

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