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7mm for the upper stack and 9mm for the lower stack is pretty standard for Mark VI tenors with a lot of repair guys of note. I know a handful of guys, players mostly, that prefer 8mm and 10mm. These are serious players too, not your kind of can play type guys. Although having experimented on tenors with everything from 6 and 8 up to 8 and 10, including the 1/2 millimeters, I prefer 7 and 9. I feel you loose the core after 7 and 9 and the sound becomes slightly diffuse. Lower than 7 and 9 and I don't like the resistance it provides. 7 and 9 really work well on VIs and seems to be a nice balance. Not sure where these numbers came from though!

On a side note, it's cool that Yamaha has that chart, but holy cow those are LOW. If you set a VI at those key heights, it will not play to it's full potential in my opinion. It would feel very restricted. I say this having played hundreds of VIs with good and bad setups ... as well as before and afters of them being setup.

my advice is 7 AND 9 :)
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