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This just isn't true. A good tech can put a MKVI into perfect playing condition (assuming it hasn't been run over by a truck), and the VI is a very robust horn that will stay in good shape once it's been overhauled. It costs just as much to re-pad or do equivalent work on any other horn. In fact, I'd bet some techs would prefer working on a VI or other well-made horn, than a cheap, poorly built horn. Seems like the better-built horn should be less work to get into proper adjustment, etc. If you take even moderately good care of the horn, the only parts needing replacement are readily available (pads, corks, springs, etc).

I'm not saying the OP absolutely should get a VI, but if that's what he wants and if he has relatives who can afford to buy him one, I'd say go for it. Man, that horn brasscane has for sale would be 'case closed' if I was the OP. The thread title says $5-6k. So you there you have it.

Go back to Dr G's post, #26 for the link (I tried to copy it here, but it didn't work).

Disclaimer: I don't know brasscane and he's not giving me a commission or anything like that. But man, what a beautiful horn at a reasonable price (for a VI in such good condition)!
This s how I got a player's MK VI. From my tech who took it from unplayable to 110% and charged me under $4k for it. It's possible, I know because I just did it.
1 - 2 of 63 Posts
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