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Most people that are telling others that a MkVI is not worth it are people that have had one. Yes me too. I have two. I also have Guardala's. As much as I joke about it I really do believe that they sound/feel the most like a MkVI of the horns that I have tried. I also own King, Big B, Martin ComIII, Toneking, Cannonball, Beaugnier. I have bought enough horns and look at them constantly. I know what they sell for.

It is possible to find a good MkVI for $4500. You may have to look a bit. It may even be original lacquer. Even if its a relac who cares. 10years from now it will still be worth $4500 if you bough carefully. It may be worth more.

So you buy a new Yamaha 875 for about $4300+. Ten years later its worth $2500.
Buy a Cannonball new for $2800. Ten years later its worth 1400 maybe
Buy a Viking new for about $2100. 6 months later its worth $1600
My Guardala 10 years ago was $2600. Now worth about 2000

Clealy the best buy is a used horn. Personnaly I would rather have three used Cannonball, Viking, and Guardala. However the only horn that does not loose money is the careful purchase of a MkVI. If you dont need the MKVI ergos, than the purchase of a vintage Buescher or Martin can be a money maker!
1 - 3 of 63 Posts
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