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Miyazawa Flute question

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Hi all - I've been on here before as my high-school son plays sax, but now I have a flute question as well. My 7th grade daughter needs an upgraded flute - she's currently playing an old DeFord given to her by a friend who played it in high school years ago.

Not sure what I need to be looking for to upgrade to an open-holed flute, but this same friend is selling her 2006 Miyazawa 102RH (she bought a Powell) - open hole, off-set G, B foot, etc... Would this be an appropriate flute for an intermediate player? She's asking $1800 for it. Any other suggestions - either new or used?


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"Miyazawa flutes, as a brand, are highly respected and well made. "
I have not seen recent models, and this statement is made by quite a few people.

However, their track record in my area, a few decades ago, was pretty dismal, compared with Sankyo and Muramatsu. As a result they are no longer imported. So I hope this flute is not too old.
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