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It looks like you're missing much of the octave mechanism.

It wouldn't be particularly hard to adapt the mechanism from a donor instrument (probably any el cheapo Chinese instrument could serve, or another oldie in otherwise poor condition). That would involve removing the existing posts (some or all) related to the octave train, and transplanting the donor instrument's posts, springs, and the rest of the octave machinery. Then spot plating the bits attached to the body and tank plating the rest of the machinery. The octave train will be one of the easier mechanisms to transplant from a horn of different origin, as they all work about the same, and it only interacts with the rest at two points, the place where it rests on an arm from the G key, and where it contacts the neck octave key. You would end up with a functioning octave mechanism which would differ from the original.

For sure if you pay to have this done you'll be upside down on the instrument; if you plan to play it instead of treating it like an investment (it's a lousy investment) then that shouldn't be a big concern.

You will have to find someone who's willing to do this kind of a job, which is outside the normal range of adjusting school kids' band instruments and doing by-the-book "overhauls" of Selmer and Selmer-copy instruments.

Personally I wouldn't be afraid of doing this, except that I'm not a fan of Dolnets (from personal experience). But a lot of people really like them.
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