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Sorry, for you, but your horn is NOT solid silver, don't be under any illusion, if the metal you see under the silver plate is white it doesn't mean this is silver, it would weigh even more than it already does and it would be the ONLY solid silver Dolnet in the world and one of the very few in the world solid silver Tenors ! If you rub it enough there will be brass.

The octave key of the Dolnet is not a standard part, anyway not comparable to any modern saxophone and you probably would be better off buying a donor body rather than asking a technician to fabricate something new or adapt a completely different mechanism.

Which is where the problems start.

Dolnets in this state are hardly very expensive ( don't know whow much it was but I hope wasn't to much I would consider its value, as it stands, being only in the neck, the rest will cost quite a bit of money to be made playable, certain in your country!)

The problem is that you will be then with two bodies none of which would be playable as is and will need work with even more money invested in this project.

In all honesty you could buy a Dolnet in working order and probably have it cheaper than having this one fixed (with all the things you mentioned) especially because work on saxophones is very expensive in Switzerland ( before people from overseas chime in that they can fix your entire horn for a couple of hundred dollars ... consider than shipping this to where repairs may be cheap and getting it back will cost you maybe as much as the repairs ).

I have seen Dolnets in playing state going for €800 to €1000, I am sure that an overhaul + fabrication of parts , will cost you more in your country. I had a look on ebay and there are Dolnets in much better state for even less.

Good Luck!
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