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Almost reported this as an issue or posted a request for help but ran across the solution myself. So just in case anyone else runs across this "issue" and has a "well, DUH!" experience here's what happened:

I'm running Firefox 4.0x on an Acer laptop with Windows 7. I'm not really familiar with Win7 and that was part of the problem. Anyway, from the main Forum window I have a dark blue bar with the following clickable selections showing:

"New Posts" - "Private Messages" - "FAQ" - "Calendar" - "Community" -"Fourum Actions" - "Quick Links"

Also, supposed to be on that line is "Advanced Search" - I use this a lot.

Well, the "Advanced Search" was not showing up in the option bar & this was bumming me out. I could hover the cursor almost over the area it was supposed to be, and click, and it would go to Advanced Search, but it was really bugging me that on other computers, even with FF 4.0x the option would show up.

Solution: Win7 has that multiple finger diagonal swipe that will allow you to resize the window and the font very quickly. Very handy. Unfortunately, the Advanced Search text was not following the same resizing rules as the rest of the text in that dark blue bar! The other text shrank just fine, however, the Advanced Search text "seems" to have a hard limit when it is attempted to reduce the font size.

Anyway, it was there all the time. It is just a size display issue. I've resized it sufficiently to display properly. No more problem.

Just thought I'd share the experience. Hope that helps someone else sometime. Cheers!

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