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I have looked through this site fairly extensively, but am having a hard time finding a solid recommendation for a good saxophone repairman. I am located in the Hudson Valley area in New York, and was hoping to bring in my Selmer Series III Alto and Series II Tenor in for minor adjustments and repairs (neither have had a "tune-up" in over 2 years). The horns are still in fine playing condition, but they are past due for a check up. I have a few small problems plaguing the alto (ex: the B key depresses 3 times before fully closing) and I would like to adjust the action a bit on the tenor. That said:

Does anyone have a recommendation for a Hudson Valley area repairman? If not, I am willing to go pretty much anywhere in NY, NJ, CT, MA, VT, or PA for a repair.

Again, it would be for some basic (but important) adjustments. I would like to find somewhere that I could get an appointment in advance and then have the work done while I wait. I am trying to not have to send out the instrument or have it out of my hands for more than a couple of days since I am currently preparing for grad school auditions. Your advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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Wonder Woman -

There are several SOTW members that live in the Hudson valley area. Hopefully one of them will chime in. If not, you can PM qwerty or odsum25, and I'm sure they'll help you out. If you want to travel into NYC, I'd recommend Roberto's Winds on West 46th Street. I just brought in my Ref 54 alto and tenor and my Yani sop, and Tony there did a great job on all three.


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a good saxophone repairman

I would highly recommend abadcliche, he has a good reputation and seems to know a lot about saxophones. I think he works for Sam Ash Music somewhere in NY, 163 W. 48th. St. in Manhatten maybe near Times Square.
Just ask for Matt Stohrer.
You can call 212-398-6070 to schedule an appointment
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