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Miles Davis and the diminished scale - vlog#23

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Last week I transcribed the whole solo by Miles Davis on "straight no chaser", from the Milestones album.
Thank you for the replies that you wrote me.
In this video I extracted and analyzed a phrase on the diminished scale that sounds amazing.
Hope you enjoy, if you like my vlog subscribe to my youtube channel to be updated. One episode a week.

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@rzzzzz Thank you. Davis had a very relaxed approach and great melodic sense though the changes that were of his own. Of course he collaborated with wonderful musicians that were also great composers. ESP was written by Wayne Shorter and the entire album was deeply influenced by his vision of music. Shorter had a very sophisticated approach to harmony, a true innovator. His great ability was matching complex chord changes with lyrical melodies.

@Keith Ridenhour Thank you Keith! Miles' lines sound wounderful on every instrument. Studying his solo are great example of logic too. Every note has a function in the phrase and it is connected both to the previous and to the next one
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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