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Greg, I have the LP but have not listened to it in years. I do not recall if he played it on alto or tenor. Here is some info about Mike.

Mike Shapiro recorded albums for Liberty Records under the name Mike Sharp: The Spooky Sound of Mike Sharp (pick hit on Billboard), Sharpest Sax (sub title The Many Moods of Mike Sharp) and Mystic Light. He also played the solos on the following Classic IV records: Soul Train-tenor, Where Did All The Good Times Go-alto, Midnight-alto, and Time For Love-alto. Mike Sharp resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Mike Shapiro recorded under the name Mike Sharpe because Shapiro wasn't Gentile enough for the recording industry at the time. That is a comment made by Buddy Buie to me. Shapiro played at The Houndstooth in Atlanta with Harry Middlebrooks early on and Emory Gordy, Jr. and Dennis St. John both played on Mike's instrumental version, as well as The Classics IV's, which came out nearly a year before The Classics IV's version. Mike Sharpe recorded on the same label, but at a studio down the road from Lowery's. Buie and Cobb heard the instrumental and added lyrics to it. The rest is history.That's the story."

Joe Glickman
Classics IV Biographer

Once the group signed with The Lowery Music Group out of Atlanta, Georgia and Capitol records, The Classics IV re-recorded "Spooky." The song was originally an instrumental regional hit by Mike Sharp, a talented saxophone player. J.R. Cobb and producer Buddy Buie added lyrics to it and the rest is history.

MIKE (SHARP) SHAPIRO wrote the solo for STORMY but was not availiable the day they did the final cut per Mike's friend, Charles A. King.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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