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middle g-a embouchure question

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Hi. I've been playing tenor for about 3 weeks and I am having a little trouble with a certain range. Middle g-a. Pads are sealing ok, I feel I have to pull the mp out a bit to keep these notes from jumping down an octave, or with the g, skipping up a fifth also. My Rico Royal 2's are all getting warped at the edge after drying - Is there a trick to keeping them flat? Also does anyone use palm d alot in the middle reg instead of all six keys and octave? It sounds pretty well in tune, and keeps the tone from open C# on my King 615. thanks:?
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"playing tenor for about 3 weeks"...and you expect to nail those notes perfectly?
It took me some years (long tones) to play them from ppp to FFF and with controlled articulation. That G2 and even G#2 are tricky ones. It acquires a certain tongue position. I do it unconsciously now, but in the beginning you need to experiment with your oral cavity to explore the boundaries of creating beautiful tone. It takes a while, but it's all worth it.

Palm key D can be used for fast passages or as a trill key.
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