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Michael Brecker Portrait - Grand Charity Auction

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A while ago artist and saxophonist Tristam Douglas very kindly donated a painting he did of Michael Brecker to be auctioned for my fundraising. It took some time as I was waiting for some publicity and as there is going to be a feature on me in next Tuesday's Daily Echo I have now put it on ebay

All proceeds will be going to charity (Leukaemia Busters).

And those who can afford it, you'll love to own this beautiful painting (acrylics on canvas)!

Any help with publicity will be appreciated (those of you with websites - a link to the auction would be highly appreciated).

Please spread the word, on other forums etc. Many Thanks - this is a great cause, the charity itself is investing in lab equipment and may be close to some important breakthroughs towards cures.

NB you can just copy and paste the following code into your page for a picture link:

Original painting of Michael Brecker (acrylics on canvas) charity auction

All proceeds are going to Leukaemia Busters

(Harri and mods: is this the best section to post this in?)
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What a wonderful thing to do!

Leukemia research needs funding no matter which side of the pond we live on!

Great action! These are hard times to get funds for cancer research.
SOTW announcement


I applaud your effort in this and wish the best of luck for the project.

As requested I am displaying the announcement on the newly re-designed SOTW Front page.

best regards,
I really see this painting over my piano in the livingroom...... Wonderful painting, wonderful musician.
Bid placed
Many many thanks Harri we've now got over £100 bid and still two days to go.

Thanks to all for your siupport and markVIinNorway for bidding.

PS I played the Molde festival a few times)
Cheers, Pete!

Bid placed.
Did you get it, George?
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