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Michael has been my biggest influence since my early middle school days in the early 70's. I have always loved his inner spirit and demeanor.So I found a great interview that all us sax players should see. How cool to see him sit down at a drum set to demonstrate the importance of "time". I realize how much he is missed by soo many. I hope you enjoy this vid.

If you want to skip to wear he sits down to the drums, start at the 6:00 mark.


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At 2:00, Brecker says "I'm not tremendously original", and he demonstrates a genuine humility in this clip that only adds to his stature.

Very nice clip. I wasn't wowed by the drumming but I was really taken by Brecker's sincerity and lack of hubris. Many thanks to the OP for posting it!

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Man,I did nt know that!
Never heard that MB played drums and very well too!
Thanks for sharing!
He is dearly missed.
My best regards

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One of my all-time sax heroes!
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