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Meyer 6m tip opening

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Someone let me borrow their older Meyer 6m and I really liked it. It had the perfect tip opening size to switch from my metal 105 Berg to the Meyer, and the mpc played great. Well, I had to return that mpc to my friend and I bought myself a Meyer 6m from wwbw. This one does not feel like the other one at all. I think the tip opening may be smaller because It sounds less bright and doesn't play as well. I can't put as much air through the thing, either. I can barely switch between my Berg and it. Am I better off wasting over $20 shipping on a $100 piece sending it back to wwbw and getting a bigger opening like an 8 or 7, or can I get the thing refaced or something? Thanks a lot for your help.
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i have one...but i really don't like it, might just be how small the opening is, or that my reeds are shot, but i can't get the air through my cannonball. When i do the sound is a little ugly and out of tune...
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