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Methods for comparing saxophones without playing them.

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I'm looking for a new step-up horn and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get. There are only a couple music stores in my area so the options are pretty limited in terms of actually getting to sit down and play before I make my choice. This leads me to my other question.

I've been considering several horns available online from wwbw and kessler music (both apparently have good reputations according to my research here on sotw.) Specifically, the antigua 3220 alto and the kessler custom standard model alto. What can I use to compare these two saxophones. Is one really better for me than the other? Or are they fairly simmilar and it just comes down to preference? I don't really know how to compare horns other than their price, and playing (which I can't guage online).
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I didn't know WW&BW was selling Kessler's house-brand saxophones. When did that start?

You could always go to Kessler's store and play one for yourself. Since you didn't say anything about where you live, I'll just assume you live in Las Vegas (that's as good of a guess as any . . .). DAVE
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