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method books for high school age students?

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I think mostly they want reading skills and maybe some jazz training. What method book would you give to your average 9th grader. At that age I was playing arban and Clarke technique studies on trumpet. Its been a while since I taught a high school student. I guess rubank is old school. I can do the ferling etudes if shes got chops. but I suspect she will be playing not at that level. What do you guys use for written etude books? Im currently working out of the Locour etudes but thats way too hard? Ideas? K
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I would also consider the Joseph Viola books, The Technique of the Saxophone published by Berklee. A better general workout for getting comfortable with all scales, chords and intervals an all keys. I haven't looked at the third volume, which focuses on rhythm, but the first two are excellent, I spent many hours with them as a high school student.
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