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method books for high school age students?

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I think mostly they want reading skills and maybe some jazz training. What method book would you give to your average 9th grader. At that age I was playing arban and Clarke technique studies on trumpet. Its been a while since I taught a high school student. I guess rubank is old school. I can do the ferling etudes if shes got chops. but I suspect she will be playing not at that level. What do you guys use for written etude books? Im currently working out of the Locour etudes but thats way too hard? Ideas? K
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I teach high school kids. With my younger ones (Y7-9), I usually start them off on the 'Learn as You Play Series' if they're absolute or recent beginners. This book progresses quite gradually, but isn't babyish in any way, so I find it's a good starting point for high school kids. I also really like how they don't tell me how to teach stuff. I find it irritating when books do that.

Other options I use as kids become advanced enough:
-Klose Daily
-Klose Mechanisme Etudes
-Top Tones (great for warming up and making long notes interesting.)
-AMEB or similar exam books. Often these pieces are really boring, but there are some good ones out there.
-Jazz Conception. These are great books. They come in different levels and have chord symbols, so you can transpose and accompany the student yourself at a slow tempo if your piano skills are up to it!
-66 Great Tunes - Mark Walton
-Jazz Incorporated by Kerrin Bailey. These are kind of a staple of Australian music education. I don't love all the pieces, but some kids enjoy them.

Keith - I'd recommend Jazz Conception. These are great for reading skills and getting an intro to jazz articulation and phrasing.
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