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Metallic buzzing sound

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I have a YAS 62 coming up to a year old now. Every now and again when I'm playing my bottom notes (Bb and B) I hear a metallic vibrating sound. Its not particularly unpleasant or pleasant. This week as I stepped up to play at a gig, the same happened to my low F E and Eb keys...accompanied by the feeling that the instrument was in someway blocked.

Any ideas suggestions?

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check all your keyguards and your rod screws on lower part of your horn. you probably have a screw loose. :)
you're right i do have a screw loose....but after checking and my sax its still only the one in my head.

Thanks for the got me thinkin about the problem in a new way...theres got to be somethin loose down there.
Have you oiled your sax and serviced it well? Its good to go through it, clean, brush, oil and feel everything on a regular basis. Without oil sometimes the upper pinky table can have a vibration...or just about any spot.
Ooops I've never oiled it. I remember reading something about how easy it is to over oil your keys - so I've avoided it.

I guess its time to learn eh?

The buzzing sounds I have experienced have come from:

Loose key guard screws - tighten with a screwdriver

Loose adjustable threaded felt bumper screws - unscrew and carefully open the slotted side with a screwdriver so that the screw fits snug again.

Loose or sloppy key rollers - remove the roller and rod, clean inside the roller with a pipe cleaner, clean the rod with a paper towel, apply brass tuning slide grease to the inside of the roller with a tooth pick, reassemble, wipe away excess grease.

Key pivot rods that are dry and need oiling usually don't contribute to the sound, but should be attended to anyway.
Thanks for the advice all - will be taking it in for a service, as I've realised its well overdue!

I have/had a similar "problem". Maybe this thread can help:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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