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Metal Mouthpieces

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I was wondering, are metal mouthpieces good for altos? I've heard different opinions, and I want to try one. Right now I'm using a Meyer 5M and I want a better sound...So, any advice? They don't necessarily have to be metal, but I'm just curious to your opinions on them.

I'm playing on a YAS-875EX and using Rico Jazz Select, if that helps.
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ab1990: I agree with the others and will add that I don't think the mouthpiece's material makes any difference in how you will play it or how your horn will sound. The differences will be because of the design of the mouthpiece, not the material from which it is made.

HOWEVER, I see no harm in trying various mouthpieces, regardless of the material or your playing experience. You may want to increase the Meyer's tip-opening (by buying a 6 or 7 - my favorite is the Meyer 6S-Medium Chamber, but that's me, not you); or change reed brands, cuts, and strengths; play with different ligatures, etc.

Lastly, reeds vary, even within the same brand, cut, and strength, so learn to adjust your reeds. Some little things can help a lot. DAVE
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