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I have been playing alto for 5 years with rubber mouthpieces. I currently play with a Selmer Super Session D.

I recently got a Dukoff D7 (equivalente to a Selmer Super Session E, which is not a big difference in the tip opening).

I got a large quantity of squeaks, specially in the haigh (not the highest) D to F range. The altissimos are really easier. I think that the quantity of squeaks is too much (one or two every 5 notes at least).

Are there another metal mouthpieces which could be easier to play? do the dukoff specially hard about this?

In adittion, the mouthpiece seems to have a kind of flaw (little defect) inside the chamber.

It is my first time with a metal mouthpiece. Any comments from people who have experience with metal mouthpieces will be really appreciated.
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