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Had the new Metal Meyer 6 for about two weeks now. Freaking love it. So much more expressive than the C* and I can blow the whole range of the horn much more freely with much more dynamics (I can play softer and louder much more easily).

Here's the thing...

I am having to lip up everything below G down to bottom Bb by a whole hell of a lot. Likewise, everything above F#2 I have to really really loosen up to nail the tuning. F#3 is a nightmare to tune.

Is this something that is going to go away with simply more practice, or do I need to change up the routines to accomodate the new piece? Been told by a couple people that it takes a month to three months for my subconcious to adjust to the new mouthpiece in regards to adjusting embouchure for tuning. I was wondering if there is anything I can be doing other than long-tones and slow arpeggios and scales with a tuner? I don't care how wacked out your idea might sound. I'd even consider P-ligging at this point.
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