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Metal ligature sized/shaped like this Runyon one, for baritone?

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Hi all

I have a metal baritone piece that is tapered much like some Runyons, apparently. By that I mean its top surface and table have a pronounced taper between them, but its sides are relatively parallel.
Anyway this mucho el cheapo Runyon ligature (photo attached) fits it Glasses Vision care Handwriting Eyewear Wood
nearly perfectly, but is of course super-cheap in the bad way.

I generally prefer two-screw ligatures, and am very partial to stuff made of metal when it comes to caps and ligatures. An exception to the two-screw approach is the Vandoren ligature that came with my HR V16 alto piece. I love that design... one screw on top and two ribs against the reed... high quality and it works. So something similar to that would be fine, except those pieces are conical in shape, as in: a right circular cone, not the more oval cross-section of this baritone piece and some Runyon baritone pieces.

Any suggestions?
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I’m thinking that an STM baritone ligature would work.
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