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Hey, I was also wondering wether a metal clarinet is heavier than a wooden clarinet? thanks:)
So I have just weighed a few (I know - I need to get out into the fresh air more)

Leblanc Opus (wood) = 1lb 12 3/8 oz
Silver King (metal) = 1lb 10 1/4 oz (solid silver bell)
Couesnon Monopole (wood) = 1lb 9 5/8 oz
Yamaha 26 (plastic) = 1lb 8 1/8 oz
B12 (plastic) = 1lb 6 5/8 oz

And the lightest is
Couesnon (metal) = 1lb 5 1/8 oz

The metal Couesnon is 7oz lighter than the wooden leblanc! It is 25% lighter

So the order, from heaviest to lightest, is wood, metal, wood, plastic, plastic, metal

So it just goes to show that it shows nothing...
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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