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This post reminds me of an email we received after a gig in a local restaurant with our trad/swing 4tet. The gentleman, in his early 60s, thanked us for our nice rendering of all those classic tunes, although he "couldn't understand what we usually played AFTER the melody". Ouch.
It is SO true. The search of speedy tricky patterns over whatever alternate changes is like internal jokes: for members only. The rest of Mankind, those having dinner while we play, or getting married, or whatever, all still have a child inside them, who'd like to SING with us.
Last Sunday we had our yearly charity day at the local church. I was asked to play some music during the celebration in the church. As our organist isn't familiar at all with playing chord changes, I decided to play alone. For some reason, thinking of something "gospel-like", just a nice hearty melody, "Careless Love" came to my mind. I played the melody 3 times, all alone, on my tenor, with only very slight variations on the 2nd time. Walking out of the church, I received warm thanks, someone even asking what was that nice song's title.
So yes: let us rediscover the strong meaning of melodies.
Thanks Tim.
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