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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share an eBook and physical book I Co-wrote with saxophone player Alex Murzyn which is now available that I have been working on to aid students learning how to play jazz.


This book is the ultimate toolbox for any aspiring jazz player and for all instruments!

Topics covered: Chromaticism, Diminished Scale, Bebop Lines, Altered Scale, Tension and Release

The book is a plethora of ONE HUNDRED ii-V-I jazz vocabulary (lines and licks) transposed in twelve keys for you to practice on your instrument.

The special thing about is book is the altered notes and tensions are outlined in colors, so you can physically see tension and release in these jazz lines.

Furthermore, they're great sounding ideas and lines - stuff you can use and play on the bandstand that sounds hip and killer.

So far we have been receiving fantastic reviews for the book.

Here are what the pros are saying about the book:

"Tim and Alex's book is full of practical and instructive melodic patterns for jazz players on all instruments. The material is organized in two and four bar phrases that work beautifully over major and minor II V I progressions in all keys. This is a great starting point for improvisors new to jazz as well as more advanced players."

Russell Ferrante
The Yellowjackets, USC Faculty

"Melodic Shapes for the Modern Improvisor is an excellent tool for the nuts and bolts of jazz's most influential progression. It teaches the beginning student how to sequence an idea and take it through the keys to establish the concept of theme and melodic development. When used in conjunction with the practice routine of learning melodies, solos, and transcription, the student will become familiar with the most beautiful universal language we know called Jazz. Have a ball!!!!!!!!"

Garry Dial
Head of Improvisation Manhattan School of Music, The New School and City College Faculty
Online teaching of Charlie Banacos in conjunction with the Banacos Family

"You will find great twists and turns in these ii-V's. Lots of fun lines to practice to enhance your tool chest."

Bob Sheppard
International Jazz Recording Artist and Woodwind Specialist, USC Faculty

"Tim and Alex's book is an excellent resource. It is very eloquently divided into six main harmonic sections with very practical applications. The section which describes and informs the student on how to practice is divided in a very applicable and sequential method. The phrases themselves are very idiomatic of the great masters of the bebop and hard bop tradition, and are organized very methodically and in escalating difficulty, utilizing enclosures, modes of melodic minor, and symmetrical scales in very idiomatic and creative ways. I would highly recommend this volume to intermediate and advanced jazz students who are looking for an organized method, and as a way to deepen their knowledge and vocabulary of melodic passages in the mainstream jazz tradition."

Dr. Joe Gilman
American River College, CSU Sacramento, Brubeck Institute, Stanford Jazz Faculty

"This book pays homage to the late great Jazz educator David Baker in helping further jazz education in an authentic and thorough way. This book is good for beginner and intermediate musicians by looking at the ideas from different starting points in the measure and being transposed to all twelve keys. It is also good for advanced players because it may expose them to new ideas along the lines of previously learned motifs. An essential guide for teaching II-V analysis and conception, this is a book I would recommend to anyone."

Dr. Mitch Butler
Director of Jazz Studies, Cal State East Bay

I invite you all to drop me a line, let me know what you think about the book! Thanks for your support!


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