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Mddle D on Yanagisawa a901

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For those that own the Yanagisawa a901.
How good is the Middle D on this sax.
Is it less stuffy than most? Does it take relatively less pressure to obtain than some other sax?
How is the lacquer and acid bleed issue in the latter models?
I am seriously thinking about the a901.
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I have a T901 and a B901, both more than a dozen years old. No lacquer flaking on either sax, no acid bleed on the tenor, a little acid bleed on the bari's loop brace. My A880, which is a very early one (pushing 30 years old?) has no acid bleed or flaking, but the lacquer is wearing thin in places. I've had no negative experiences with Yanagisawa.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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