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McIntosh MC60 pair

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I have this pair of McIntosh MC60 tube amps that I inherited about a year ago. Aside from from hooking them up to a set of mid-range speakers (Polk r30) and listening to some polka LPs that I inherited at the same time, I haven't really done anything with them. I shopped for some speakers that would do the amps justice, but I'm not ready to lay the several grand or so that it would take.

Therefore i think (unless somebody can convince me I'm making a really big mistake) I'd like to offer them up for sale or trade. How about 1600.00 for the pair, or if there is something else you have to trade (plus or minus some cash or other goods) such as a yts-875 or a vintage tenor or bari...

Sorry if this offer is on the wrong thread, but there isn't a spot on the "Marketplace" that seemed appropriate.
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You might try posting a sale or trade add on the ProSound Web Market Place. Be sure to put your first and last name in the alias field when you create your account. The Live Audio Boards are a professional organization, and require full first and last names to post. The Prosound Web Live Audio Boards is the main hang out for most of the big names in the Pro Audio world.
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