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Don't you hate it when the expensive one is better? :)

I've had a B45 mouthpiece with my old Bundy Bass Clarinet for a long time.
I found out McClune isn't very far from me. He sent me two Lyceum ("easily played") and one Z2 ("Pro model").
I didn't think I (or my horn) deserved the Z2 but he said he would send one so I could compare.

All of them made my B45 sound bad and was an instant upgrade to the horn.
The Lyceum are easier to play but they top out when you dig in.

The Z2 has all kinds of tonal possibilities.
The Clarion tone is SO different with this mouthpiece. Much more open.
Less of a 'break'.

Anyone looking for a Bass Clarinet mouthpiece should check into these.
He's got a 2 week just pay shipping trial.
Just be prepared to buy the Z2

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I've always been curious to try his Matson-based mouthpieces. I generally play much more open mouthpieces on the bass clarinet these days, but Mike Lowenstern sure sounded good on that Matson C*. I know he is on a B50 these days and that he could make anything sound good, but his playing on those 90's and early 00's albums was a big influence on my own playing and that tone is in my ear forever.

Maybe once I clear out the mouthpiece drawer a little, it'll be time to start experimenting again.

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I had a McClune, his older S2 model. Not all that great compared to a Bay and Fobes, the latter of which I kept and adore.
I sent the blank to McClune to be refaced and he emailed me at the time, baulking that the table on the blank I sent him (a selmer c*) wasn’t flat and that it would take longer to do, or possibly not be able to be done......
I’ve had similar experiences with Walter Grabner and some Riffault blanks I sent him years ago.
It raises red flags to be honest- how much does this person understand about refacing if they can’t deal with a wonky table.....
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