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MBII Guardala metal mpc cap

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I bought a metal Guardala mpc from WBWW. It didn't fit my emboucher at first but after 4 months I wouldn' trade it for the world.

Thing is it didn't come with a mpc cap. Other caps don't give it a snug fit. Any recommendations.

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Many mouthpiece caps are mated to the ligature not the mouthpiece. A plain plastic cap will probably work just fine - assuming you are using a Rovner lig. If you are using a Optimum lig, well, hey, they make their own cap too. Francois Louis lig? Same thing, call Francois!
The Rovner Eddie Daniels II ligature for Metal Tenor Sax #2MT-EDII fits my each of my Guardalas well and comes with a nice cap. I'm happy with this ligature on my MBII and Studio.

On my King, I'm happy with the stock metal ligature and DG cap that came with the mouthpiece.

In the recent past, I've seen a few DG mouthpiece caps for sale on eBay.
I'm using a Selmer 404 that doesn't come with a cap!
Give this a try. I just bought one from him for $20 now he has them for $15.

If you want to go original.:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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