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I got my Maxtone SX55 Tenor last Thursday and been playing it since, non stop, well sort of. But I really like the sax and was really glad I bought it from one of our friends here on SOTW. Here's my review.

Looks: Can't ask for more. It has a bare brass bell and keys. Dark Amber tube and Colored Abalone touches. Has lots of engraving from bell to body. Looks really slick.

Ergonomics. Its quick. But I think its a little tight, but I kinda like it that way. I like the feeling of the keys snapping back to its place. Action is just right, not high and not low. Just right for my fingers to stay on top of the keys and not fly like crazy. I'm just having problem reaching the Low Bb key coz my fingers are really short. I need to really stretch it out to reach it. well, eventually I'll find a way to reach it comfortably. Thumb rest can be in a better position. If the thumb rest can be adjusted like my The Marin Alto, its gonna be cool.

Sound: Its darker than some modern horns out there. I think its even darker than my Martin Indiana that I used to have, and its warm sounding too. I heard some friends here in SOTW that it has alittle more resistance compared to some horns, thats not the case with me. I'm using an Otto Link Tone Edge 7 with Rico 3 Reed and it doesn't give me a lot of resistance, it has I think, but very minimal. I think its me still in the process of adjusting from alto to tenor.

I find it a little bit flexible, or maybe coz of the mouthpiece, not sure, but its flexible and comparable to my Martin Sax. I like the way that I can bend the note up to 3/4 flat or sharp from the original note.

Conclusion: I think this sax is a great horn overall. It has the looks, the sound, the ergo(somewhat) that I need and I know that this sax will hold its own and can be compared to some more expensive saxes out there.

By the way, I took a video of myself the very next morning I got the sax. Pardon with my playing, coz I'm not really trying to play properly, I'm just trying to play and try this new tenor.

here's the vid...

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