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Very true. I forgot to mention, I also e-mailed them a few minutes before this post. If/When they respond I'll also be sure to post (here) what they tell me. Hopefully it will be more about their general serial system then the specific horn.

They are generally very responsive to email questions, and usually get back to you within a day or two (don't forget the time difference) in my experience. I was going to order an alto through them about six months ago before finding one in the US.

Interesting note about serial numbers for Maxtone saxes. Mine doesn't have one. It is one of the made in Taiwan models, and I know that for sure because it is the sx-63 model that isn't available from their China supplier. According to Annie (my email contact): sx=Taiwan, sxc=China. When I asked her about serial numbers, she said if I ordered one through them that a serial number and place of origin could be stamped on in the usual place at no extra charge if I requested one. That would lead me to believe they are randomly applied at a wholesale distributor's request.

My alto was new when I bought it, as it had only been play tested a few times. It played okay as it was, but after having my tech give it his "new horn set-up" it is a great playing sax with a lot of depth to the tone. Especially when considering how little I paid for it. The pads are not the greatest, but they will do for now. I don't play a lot of alto, so this was a great investment for me.

Good luck to you if you purchase this soprano, but I would take the time to go check it out if I could.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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