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Matthew's, Edam Holland

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These people are simply great! I was there a couple of times and their friendly ways just impressed me ever so much! It is difficult to describe how nice it is to be welcomed and treated kindly and professionally when you visit a shop of any kind these days (let alone a saxopone shop).

It is a family ( all very nice people Father, Mother, two sons and a daughter) run business but David, the owner ( an American expat and a flutist who came to Holland to complete his studies, I gather) , has been working in this field ( repairing and selling woodwinds) for a long time and has been training many of the best repair technicians in Holland who have been working with him in the past.

They are very knowledgeable in their craft and willing to share all they know with you and complement this by being as good a host for the visitor as they are competent in what they do.

I got offered lots of free an worthy advise (and great conversation too!), on top of this they have been oiling and checking my horns and even threw in minor tweaks for free!

I got to bring home a Conn 6M alto to playtest for a week without too many problems and they were not trying to push the immediate sale at any given moment, on the contrary, David was strongly advising against taking hasty decisions.

I did get the distinctive impression that they were more interested in gaining a long time customer, and possibly a friend, than to score with a hard sale.

Go there and check it out yourself, you won't regret it!;) they also do a fair amount of internet sales and ship all over the world.
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Hi Doc! Made in Edam, nice, never thought of it! ....seriously Edam is a beautiful little town full of canals in beautiful Holland........ why don't you come to visit, so we can do that little exchange we still have pending! ;) :)
Yes, and things are getting even worse as we speak, the falling dollar has made virtually impossible to trade with the U.S.A. and in my line of business (I am an international broker selling food and beverages) trade with America is down 30% or more.....
I've been there again yesterday and I've tried a Rampone R1 Jazz Tenor. WOW! I don't have the money right now but I would buy it any day. Again the folks at Matthew's were as friendly as usual .
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