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Hello SOTW,

I just wanted to drop some lines about my pleasant experience with Matt Voss. I sent him my old Ponzol metal tenor mouthpiece a couple of months ago. I love this mouthpiece but I had some issues with the (very) low register.

Matt is a really nice guy to chat with. He answered patiently (and quickly !) to my numerous emails about the mouthpiece itself but also about shipping and other boring considerations. Then I decided to send him my precious mouthpiece.

After he received the mouthpiece he analyzed it and sent his report before working on it. As far as I can remember I got my mouthpiece back less than 2 weeks after (overseas shipping included). It's MUCH better than the French refacer I know (sometimes you can wait for several months !) AND cheaper.

My mouthpiece plays perfectly now. The low register is much (much !) easier than before. Cosmetically the work is really clean. I'm very very very happy :)

I would not hesitate to send him another mouthpiece in the future. I think his work deserves attention.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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