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MACSAX® Saxophones, LLC
1512 West 35th Street Cutoff
Suite 200
Austin, TX 78731

Media Contacts:
Michael Crouch
MACSAX® Saxophones, LLC
(512) 917-4256
[email protected]



AUSTIN, TEXAS (May 20, 2011)—MACSAX® is proud to announce a new alliance partnership with saxophone master technician, Ken Beason. Next week, Michael Crouch, President of MACSAX® and Ken Beason will travel to Taiwan, where they will meet with MACSAX® instrument fabricators.

While in Taiwan, Beason plans to incorporate production modifications in order to refine the final assembly and regulation process of the MACSAX® line of saxophones, which to date have been accomplished after delivery to Texas.

“Our goal is to bring back craftsmanship and design to develop MACSAX® saxophones that will be recognized as a ‘Benchmark’ instrument by both experienced players and upcoming players alike,” said Beason. “We have decades of information to draw from and there is no reason why MACSAX® can’t make our products the new standard once held by European designers.”

Beyond refining the current line of MACSAX® saxophones to Beason’s specifications, both Beason and Crouch plan to focus on incorporating features, mechanical design, improvements and regulations that utilize the best of today’s technology while maintaining the highest standards set by past saxophone manufacturing artisans. MACSAX® is dedicated to upholding Ken Beason’s design and classic craftsmanship standards for all current and future saxophones.

About Ken Beason:

Ken Beason is a master saxophone technician. He provides repair services exclusively to saxophonists, ranging from routine maintenance to complete instrument overhaul and restoration, including custom modifications and repairs.
Previously, Beason worked in Dallas, Texas, where he ran a saxophone repair shop for 15 years. During his early professional career Ken served as an apprentice to the acclaimed saxophone technician, Tom Layton who presently lives in Lawton, Oklahoma. Such professional players as Shelley Carol, David Sanborn, Michael Brecker, Joe Henderson, Eric Falcon, Marshall McDonald, Greg Tardy, and many others have used and endorsed Beason’s services.

Beason has been an avid saxophone enthusiast since the age of 12 and studied jazz performance at the University of North Texas. Currently, Ken Beason and family live and work in Asheville, North Carolina.

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