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After purchasing my first horn a few months ago due to strong desires to learn, I've decided I don't currently have the time to learn it properly.

Even as a guitarist of the best part of 10 years (im 18.) I've still gotta say that tenor sax is my favourite instrument, players like Trane and Pharoah move me more than any guitarist ever has done so I'm pissed off that I gotta give it up but thats life.

But, I've invested so much time in learning guitar and I'm starting to get to a position with it where I'm getting some good opportunities that I'd be an idiot not to focus on properly. This means I've gotta unfortunately get rid of the martin cause I just dont practice enough to justify owning this horn.

I know the market place was shut down here but I dunno what the rules are about links to an external advert such as one on eBay where the buyer will be protected. As you'll see by looking at my profile, my feedback is flawless.

Anyway yeah heres the link to the listing:

love to everyone thats helped me with advice on this forum, hopefully I'll find time to revisit the tenor at some point.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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