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martin hc comm II??

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Any information and input you have on the Martin HC Comm II, please let me know. All, any, everything you know because i dont know much about them, but I have heard these are supposed to be the best Martins. Share all!! :D please
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gsmsax1011 said:
but I have heard these are supposed to be the best Martins. Share all!! :D please
That's what Sarge (worldwidesax) thinks. He knows a thing or two about Martins.... His judgement is a valuable one.
I've never played one (I have 2 Committees presently) so I can't comment directly. Like all Martins it should sound very warm and vintage, ideal for ballads (and more).
Swingtone has currently one, perhaps he will tell you more.
Are you talking about tenors or altos? I have an HC Comm II tenor, purchased from Sarge at (at his recommendation), and I'm very happy with it. It has a very deep lush sound and seems very versatile -- good both for soloing and for blending with a section. I haven't compared it directly with another model, however.

As for altos, I have an HC Comm I alto and a later model Martin alto, and I prefer the feel of the HC Comm I under my fingers a little more. I think the HC Comm I is more similar in design/feel to the HC Comm II than it is to "The Martin."

I think Martins on a whole have a characteristic lush sound that you will get with most of their models -- it should really come down to which horn feels most comfortable in your hands. Many people (maybe even most) prefer the later model Committees (also known as "The Martin"), and indeed I do think my "The Martin" alto sounds great. It just feels a little "bigger" to me than my HC Comm I, and my hands are on the smaller side. Or it could all be mental. ;)
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The Indiana with rivet pads I have is based on the HC series. It is a totally different instrument from the later Committee model which I also have. To me, what these have in common is a lush yet focused sound. The later model is a little bigger, more spread sounding, with improved keywork. Flat metal resos give it a little more edge. But the keywork on the Indiana (looks similar to HC) can seem faster at times, since the key heights are lower. It's an amazing sax, it's hard to believe the basic design was invented in 1905. From pics I have found, it looks like Charlie Parker played one a lot in the 40's. The Indiana has a more focused sound, in particular the high notes, and it is a little more resistant and lush, while the later model Committee is a bit more generic-sounding although quite versatile. I prefer the feel and modern flexibility of the Committee model but when I want a little more lush, round sound and antique feel I play the Indiana. I guess the "antique feel" thing is hard to describe but I really like the action of the Indiana, even though it's not as light as the Committees action, it still feels positive and quick. My feeling is the better models of the HC series are probably under-appreciated. The Committee seems more reliable for more serious modern jazz playing but the Indiana has a mellow sound that is bit more palatable and fun in a way. Today I played both side by side and while the Committee is obviously the better "pro" instrument I ended up playing the Indiana a lot today because it is so nice sounding and fun to play (although this is the first day I've spent any real time with it in it's good playing state.)
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