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Martin Handcraft Standard Tenor

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Hey guys, I just picked up a 1938 Handcraft Standard serial#131XXX that I am trying to turn around and resell. I was wondering if anyone had more info on this period of horn as the history seems a bit foggy. Is it a handcraft? handcraft committee? handcraft/comm II hybrid? Any info would be helpful, also any idea as to how much it might be worth would be greatly appreciated. It appears to be a re-lacquer but in great shape, the neck serial # doesn't match, the engraving is pretty sharp and has a phenomenal tone. It is in the shop rn but should have it back in a week or so in great playing condition. Thoughts?
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I agree, this is a Handcraft Standard Special. Don't bother with the Martin story, he is wrong on this model. Oddly enough, the Standard has the alt Eb with the pad cup below the D key and the Special does not. Another "distinguishing" feature of the Special is a roller on the low Bb key.

Yours is relacquered and does place it in the price range Jaye mentioned. I have one from 1942 which was relac'd and removed the lacquer from the bell. Compare yours to it:


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Just out of curiosity, could you elaborate on what is incorrect on the Martin Story page?
I don't recall all of the details but to what I do remember is "These horns seem to be based on the Handcraft Committee model" in referring to the Standard and Special. (Yes, I pulled the quote up from the site just now). He also refers to them as 'semi professional' and watered down versions of the Committee.

That's wrong. The Handcrafts are all based on the 20s design with beveled tone holes and each key stacks built on their own single long rod. The committee 1 looks a good bit like the Handcraft with different THs and keywork. The C 2 and 3 are quite differently designed.

So, he doesn't seem to have a clue about them.
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